Corner of Saigon

A personalized guide to our corner of the city

5-minute walk

In our immediate vicinity:

5 minute walk

Breakfast only

1) Open in the morning for Bún Bò Huế noodle soup

2) Delicious chicken Phở (Phở Gà) served in the Da Kao market. On the left side, set back about 5 meters from the street. Has been serving Phở for over 10 years. Luan’s aunt swears this is the best chicken Phở, which carries a lot of weight as she is considered the best cook of her 13 brothers and sisters

Lunch only

3) This lunch Cơm Tấm place is so good it completely sells out by 12:15. Go between 11am and 12 noon to ensure you get a plate of home-cooked food served with rice and a bowl of soup. All for 25,000 VND a person

All day

4) The city’s favorite vegan restaurant, the Loving Hut

5) Corner gossiping spot for the old folks. Also happens to serve decent beef Phở (Phở Bò) and Beef Curry (Bò Kho)

6) Best take-out coffee on this street: Ráppu Coffee

7) Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ is famous in the city for its plump rolls of steamed rice crepe filled with ground pork and served with bean sprouts. Delicious for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

8) Topokki serves Korean hotpot, topokki, and bi bim bop at great prices.

9) Saigonese flock from around the city to the Quan 94 crab restaurant

10) Mì Quảng is the name of the restaurant, but their best dish is actually a fragrant and delicately flavored chicken-and-rice dish known simply as “cơm gà”

Evening / night only

11) After 8pm, this place comes alive to serve up a massive array of snacks, grilled dishes, and snails along with limitless cheap beer. Open late.

12) Two rival ice cream spots open up in the evening. A fun, young atmosphere and nice way to cool off at the end of the day.

Not only food

13) Chợ Da Kao market is where you can buy local fruits and veggies, without the hassle of touristy Ben Thanh market

14) Nearest convenience store open 24/7 is this little Shop & Go

15) Jade Emperor Pagoda (Điện Ngọc Hoàng) is a quirky spot with a little turtle-filled pond at the entrance, and no restrictions on climbing to the top. Definitely worth a peek.


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